Terms and Conditions.

Our terms and conditions

INSURANCE: Third Party Insurance with excess .

PAYMENT: Payment is made at the time of delivery and can be cash or credit cards. A valid credit card must be presented irrespective of payment method.

RENTER AND DRIVERS AGE: Must be in a possession of a valid international driving license and the minimum age is 25. Renter under the age of 25 must hold a driving license for at least 3 years. A special insurance can be arranged at an extra cost of €5 per day

RENTAL EXTENSION: Should you wish to extend your rental beyond the agreed date, kindly inform R.M.A Formula office at least 48 HOURS in advance

EARLY TERMINATION: If the renter wishes to terminate the rental agreement earlier than the agreed period, R.M.A Formula will refund only the 50% of the total amount for the remaining days.

Type Of Insurances.

Our type of insurances

Third party insurance

Rates include Third Party Insurance with excess (deductible) to the amount of:

Group A, Excess: €500
Group B, Excess: €600
Group C, Excess: €800
Group D, Excess: €1,600
Group E, Excess: €2,000

Collision Damage Waiver

The liability for the excess may be reduced if customers are over 23 years old and purchase Collision Damage Waiver at:

Group A, Daily: €10,00 Excess: €150,00
Group B, Daily: €12,00 Excess: €200,00
Group C, Daily: €17,00 Excess: €350,00
Group D, Daily: €25,00 Excess: €850,00
Group E, Daily: €30,00 Excess: €1,050

Additional Damage Waiver (Tyres, Windscreen,Underbody) Optional

Group A, Daily: €3,00
Group B, C, D, Daily: €6,00
Group D Daily: €10,00
Group E Daily: €15,00